No method of contraception is in Switzerland so common as the condom. The population knows, although the protective effect of condom against HIV and other sexual transmissible infections (STI), Knowledge of leads but not necessarily to the more consistent use of the condom, as a representative survey of the research Sotomo body has in the order of the BAG shown.

one in five has never used a condom

The Federal government is under the belt line. He wanted to know how it is to have the Image of the condom. It came out: most of them find Sex with a rubber safer, but also less hot.

condom is not intended to limit the sexual experience

about the view that the condom restricts the sexual experience and the Donning of the condom is a disturbing interruption is Common in the population. About half of the respondents feel the condom at all as the lust restrictive. With increasing sexual experience, the attitude to the condom is always positive.

the worst of The sex diseases

Unprotected Sex can have unintended consequences – these venereal diseases can be bothersome to deadly.


read more The condom should

return The new Love Life campaign is, therefore, in the new campaign under the slogan “let’s go” the condom prominently in the scene. The four campaigns-Subjects that come up on billboards, online and in social media to use, to show the Moment, in Safer Sex situations starts in a different life. The Logo of Love Life is implemented as a condom packaging that is opened at the right Moment.

campaign for greater sensitivity

The Swiss Aids Federation has developed, in cooperation with the communication Agency TFK a campaign, to arrive against fear, prejudice and discrimination against HIV-positive people.

The Knowledge that condoms protect against HIV infection is Central to the prevention and should remain with the new campaign in the population currently. The number of new HIV diagnosis reports in Switzerland have been declining for years. It was in the past year, according to the BAG, at 425.

Nationwide campaigns against Aids since 1987. Some were for harsh reactions, because they were considered too vulgar or provocative. Among the best known is the campaign of 1996 with the Slogan, “Without, however, no Bums,” or posters of 2014 entitled “Love Life and regret nothing”.