The new iPad Pro has failed the test of flexibility: video

the New iPad Pro, released this week, not strengthened aluminum body. Like the model in 2018, the new product is as easy to bend in half, putting enough pressure found leading YouTube channel EverythingApplePro.

Blogger checked for flexibility, Jr., the 11-inch version of the new tablet. Pushing the edge with your fingers (mark in the video – 4:02), he was able without much difficulty to not only bend, but also to reverse the case along with glass. The results of these experiments the author of the video called to handle the device very carefully, not to carry it without a case and not to put in a backpack with a bunch of heavy books.

In 2018, “spineless” iPad Pro, Apple has turned to scandal. Some customers have noticed that very thin body of the tablet has already been bent when it came out of the box. The other device is bent gradually as normal daily use, or after carrying in the backpack.

Later, Apple admitted that iPad Pro can actually be sold is bending the aluminum case, but refused to consider a tablet bent as of marriage. Commenting on the complaints of users, the company explained that the bending is a consequence of the cooling of metal and plastic components at the production stage, but considered it a defect is impossible.

Model iPad Pro 2020 began to be delivered to the buyers only this week. As it turned out, the new tablet also fragile, however, complaints that his body slightly bent initially until received.

iPad Pro 2020 was presented on 18 March. They were the first Apple tablet, which received a triple camera technology to scan the surrounding space. 12-megapixel main and a 10-megapixel wide-angle lens complements the lidar – a laser range finder, which scans the surrounding space and, in fact, serves as the “eyes” of the tablet. The sensor helps to capture more precisely the movement of people and positioning virtual objects on the screen. In the United States for the 11-inch model of the iPad Pro 2020 asking $799, The 12.9-inch – $949.

Text: To.Hi-tech