I stare at you. Of course, I don’t know that you should be rigid. But staring is practically a part of our cultural heritage. We have reported in this magazine in detail about it: In Switzerland, will find irritated stare, what the stuff holds, as visitors from abroad again and again. I stare so. You know how it is: once you have something Exciting, Terrible or totally Ridiculous discovered, you can’t avert our eyes. No matter how bad it looks anyway. As the Horror-movie-watchers, hold the hands before the face, but still the fingers spread.

The young woman in front of me in the queue had the largest lips I’ve ever seen. And when we consider how many lips, a man sees so every day is a blatant performance. They were plump and looked soft. They took away so much from the face, that they seemed like two, launched bananas. Their color was pink, her Shine reminded of a sweating pig – I don’t even know if pigs sweat. Her face consisted of only lips. In case your companion repeat the feat, albeit a bit more discreet. Where subtly is truly the wrong phrase. They looked like sisters. As a hose boat 1 boat 2 called then, but “Mama” was my view of the world, briefly once again violently shaken.

Too much hyaluronic acid to not only looks in the supermarket queue. You see them in the Tram, on the street and in the show “the Bachelor”. As I was flipping the other day purely, not los I came. It’s not the content, it was up to the ladies, and they all looked like Scrooge McDuck, even if you were Alessia, Deborah or Jovana. If you believe the commercials, and Doctors, are Dinghy lips but just the tip of the iceberg – because lip injections is in the Trend. This means so Many to help today, and even at a young age. Man called minimally invasive surgery. This development is worrying, as it signifies Our ideal of beauty moves, and “normal” and “natural” is not enough.

Oh, by the way: pigs can not sweat.