On Wednesday summoned the new concordance, yesterday it was already over. In the case of the distribution of the departments of the Federal Council came in a new composition in the hair.

According to the VIEW information like the Neo-Federal councillors do not just take what is left, but reported very self-consciously claims. As in the run-up leaked, rose the free Democrat Karin Keller-Sutter (54, SG) the Department of Economic Affairs.

The new want) key departments

the She Viola Amerd (56, CVP) made it clear where she’s headed: to the environment, transport, energy and communication Federal Department (Detec. Only: There would, however, also act SP Federal councillor Simonetta Sommaruga (58), which has been eight years in the justice Department (EJPD). And if that is not possible, she wants to at least change to the Department of Economic Affairs, told the Federal house dome.

“Alors,” he was still not so long ago in his Department, such as the comrade, the Minister of defense, Guy Parmelin (59, SVP). But also he wanted the Department to the Environment or to the Economy.

Maurer, Cassis and Berset stay

No change cravings, commented Finance Minister Ueli Maurer, (68, SVP) and the foreign Minister, Ignazio Cassis (57). Federal President Alain Berset (46 SP) in the run-up to Shine through that he is looking for a new field of activity as the health insurance and AHV. Yesterday, the Minister of the interior, however, made hardly more institutions.

Berset on the contrary, it tries to arrange the increasingly out of control ongoing debate. The fact that the government newcomers demanded is equal to key departments, was well received. So it must be yesterday, came to a surprisingly violent quarrel.

press releases prepared

Finally, the Federal President Berset in front of the media had to admit, you have not agreed. Also, the party lines were geared to the short term about the temporary Failure of the distribution. Because it was clear that Mason and Cassis are likely to remain in their Departments, had prepared the party secretariats for their new or transferring members, each of the press releases for the management of the remaining five departments.

the beginning of The end of Federal councillor Sommaruga

what time is this now to be sent, is uncertain. On Monday at 10 a.m. the distribution debate will continue to run. That she ends up in Minne, party strategists not to go: “At the end of the FDP, and SVP – magistrates have to determine together in the Hand, the distribution: and Then Keller-Sutter gets her Department of Economic Affairs, and Parmelin is allowed into the Environment,” says one.

Amherd would be relegated in this case to the VBS and Sommaruga would remain the Minister of justice. Then – and this is currently, the from Berne only two years in the government. After her second presidential year 2020, you would assign after ten years of the FDJP. Only if she could change, she wants to rule longer. Means: According to Doris Leuthard (55, CVP) could thus say in the not-too-distant future, the next strong woman to the Federal Council Adieu.