It is shortly before the end of the season, as the FCZ coach Ludovic Magnin (40) has a Problem. Assistant coach René van Eck is leaving the club for family reasons surprisingly. Magnin is in need of a new Co-coach and finds Alfons Higl (54) – the 2007 in Stuttgart is Assi is as Magnin VfB Stuttgart German masters.

The Crazy thing: Higl sits in the adoption of Van Eck randomly yourself in the Letzigrund: As a Scout, of Nuremberg, he is frequently to go in Switzerland. Higl: “Ludo had sent me an SMS that he wants to discuss something. As I see in the stadium that Van Eck goes, I thought: “is not want me but as a new wizard?” But so it was. I discussed it with my wife, and me relatively quickly for the FCZ decided. Ludo and I have the same ideas about football.”

Now, the experienced German has taken a special task: He has to tame the often effervescent Magnin. Higl: “Ludo knows that he must improve in this area and is working on it. My task is only to support him in it. I was a young coach, too emotional.”

With Julian nail the man in the office

Higl was experienced as a regular player under Christoph Daum in Cologne Vice-champion, in the European Cup magical nights. In the mid-90s, he becomes a coach. “Augsburg was at that time still an Amateur club. But in my first year as a youth coach we have come as a rising star equal among the four Best in Germany,” says the FCZ-Assi.

Later, Higl in different functions is also at 1860 Munich, Stuttgart, Wolfsburg, Hoffenheim, Bahlingen and Freiburg. A special connection to today’s Leipzig Coach Julian nail man. “In 1860, he has as a U19 player and trained in my U23. Once he has worn after a duel with me is a laceration on the head,” tells Higl, laughing.

In Hoffenheim, they then sit in the same office. Nail man is U16, Higl is the U19 coach and has a current Bayern Munich Star in the Team: “Niklas Süle I set at the beginning of the Bank, he was undisciplined at the beginning of something. But he is a super Young, has made its way.”

Now hot Higls young proteges Rüegg, Domgjoni, Aliu or Sohm. Whether you will make your way?