In countless names that Volkswagen invented sometimes for the same model in different markets, can be confusing. Up to a certain point crossover Volkswagen Tharu was the prerogative of China, but under the name Tarek it will reach other markets, and Russia will fall with the same name.

an Instance of a new global model photospin spotted in Mexico, where it plans to produce “Tarek” to markets in Latin America. From the Chinese version, as the “Autoreview”, the crossover will be different design front: off-road vehicle visually lighten “the face” at the expense of other optics and bumper. In addition, the “Tarek” has got revised rear lights.

According to preliminary data, the crossover with a wheelbase of 2 681 mm and a length of 4 mm 468 planned to provide well-known 1.4-liter turbo engine, but the work he will be paired with a classic automatic and not DSG. However, this data is for the Mexican version of the SUV. In any version of the novelty hit in Russia, while it is not known.

According to rumors, the Russian Volkswagen Tharu will be slightly smaller and will be a kind of volkswagenwerk analogue Skoda Karoq, respectively, the same borrow and powertrains. To produce both of the SUV, according to the newspaper, planned on the same Assembly line in Nizhny Novgorod.

Earlier it was planned that Tharu debut of Volkswagen in Russia is already in the current year, but the unstable economic situation can make in the plans of Volkswagen to certain adjustments.

Text: Avtovesti