grease The shoes well, knead, and not necessarily skating on ice. Otherwise, threaten to blow. Such tips were future soldiers already in the recruitment, if you had to sum up the combat boots 90.

However, the “most hated” Shoe of the country is being decommissioned, such as the “Tages-Anzeiger” writes. Instead of Black and the new “combat boots 19” presents itself in a light brown.

The manufacturer’s promise that he would be easy and all-weather capable. The army buys the boots even in duplicate, once as a protection against the cold Shoe for the Winter. And a second trekking Shoe Version for the other times of the year.

No details about the cost

how Much the boots cost, not to say the army. No longer produced in genuine Swiss companies – there is no local company that could execute such large orders, writes of the “Tages-Anzeiger”.

Armasuisse, the procurement Agency of the army, has given a four-Shoe producers, the contract for the production of the new military shoes – among them two Swiss branches, the Lowa shoes AG in Matten bei Interlaken, BE, which is 35’000 Pairs, and the Minerva in Porrentruy, JU, the 75’000 Pairs of monster cobbled. In addition, the German company Meindl GmbH and Haix got shoes bigger orders. (brb)