Confrontation between the US and China venture to a new level. President Donald trump has again accused Beijing of the mass crimes from espionage to violations of freedoms in Hong Kong. The White House promised a lot of retaliatory measures against China. That will certainly cause a reaction in China.

as Americans continue to die from coronavirus, and in the streets of the city burning cars and police stations, trump accuses China that he “sunk” the American industry and actually pose an existential geopolitical threat.

according to CNN, trump accuses China of industrial espionage, “illegal seizure of territories in the Pacific ocean” and the threat to freedom of navigation. And also announced measures to protect the American investors from Chinese financial practices.

could Not do a trump and no charges in connection with approved China’s national security law of Hong Kong, which significantly undermines the autonomy of the special administrative region.

“this week China unilaterally established control over the security of Hong Kong,” said trump, calling it a “clear violation of the contractual obligations of Beijing with the United Kingdom”.

According to the head of the White House, China abandoned the principle of “one country, two systems” in favor of formula “one country – one system”. In this regard, the US President announced that in the future the United States will no longer provide Hong Kong with special status in the sphere of trade or in other areas.

According to trump, “Hong Kong is no longer sufficiently Autonomous to guarantee a special mode, which we have given of this territory,” and his administration will begin the process to eliminate political exclusion, which give Hong Kong special treatment.

the Response of Washington’s impact promises to trump the whole range of agreements that the US signed with Hong Kong, including the extradition agreement on export control of dual-use technologies, etc. the United States will cancel the preferential customs and tourist status of Hong Kong.

However, senior researcher at the Peterson Institute for international Economics Chad Bown believes that the abolition of the special status of Hong Kong will have very little immediate effect, given that in 2019, the US imported goods from Hong Kong on less than $ 5 billion. For comparison, in the same 2019, the States imported from China goods worth 452 billion.

trump also said that the recommendations of the state Department’s travel in Hong Kong will be revised “to reflect the increased risk of surveillance and punishment by the state security apparatus of China”.

at the same time trump announced that the U.S. withdraws from world organizationsAI health – repeating their assertions that China is “fully in control” of this organization, consisting of 194 member States. The American President insists that China put pressure on the who to “put the world in confusion” about the causes of the pandemic.

Recall that on 14 April the US President has suspended the allocation of funds from the world health organization pending investigation of his administration “a failure response to the outbreak COVID-19”. And 19 may trump in a letter addressed to the Director General of who of Tedros Adhanom of Gebreyesus issued an ultimatum, demanding to prove the independence of his organization from China and take a month to comply with the United States on reforms.

According to trump, given the fact that annual contributions of China to the who’s budget is 40 million dollars, and the United States – about $ 450 million, this organization has not provided the required evidence of their independence from Beijing. In the end, promised trump, funding America global health will be redirected to the “other world, and worthy the pressing global needs of public health.”

the President announced the actions of Washington and a number of other areas, including a ban on entry “of certain foreign citizens from China” in the United States and the imposition of sanctions against Chinese and Hong Kong officials for their direct or indirect role in the “suppression” of the freedoms of Hong Kong.

Under the steamroller of anti-Chinese actions got and students. Even before the speech of the President of the United States, it was expected that trump will announce the limitation in relation to the Chinese students, about 350,000 of whom come to the U.S. for training each year, and high-ranking officials of the Cabinet of Ministers indicated that the restrictions on their entry will be only one of several steps that will make the President.

Shortly after the statements trump the White house has issued a presidential statement on the suspension of entry to the USA for graduate and post-graduate students and researchers from China, which takes effect at noon Monday and will be valid until it is revoked by the President.

Chinese students and American authorities suspect that they work for the Beijing collection of intellectual property. Allowing these students to enter the United States “to study or conduct research in the United States will harm the interests of the United States,” says the Declaration.

“Relations between the US and China are in full crisis – CNN quoted the General Director of the Center for a new American security Richard Fontaine. We fell to the floor and continue to fall further.”

Emerging in China’s English-language newspaper Global Times, which reflects the point of view of the government, reacted very sensitively to overthe phenomenon of trump.

“Using divisive tactics to punish China is just thinking, determined by the desires of some American elites, because it only satisfies their arrogance towards China. The reality is that the USA want to secede from China in the sphere of high technologies, but want to sell to China more and more American products.”

“China already prepared for the worst, says Global Times. – If the trump plan will continue, Washington will soon enter into conflict with the interests of the majority of Hong Kong residents. If equal treatment of the United States with Hong Kong and mainland people on both sides will unite and nourish a deep hatred of the American enemy. The US will eventually lose confidence and favorable opinion of the Hong Kong society”.

Touched editorial in the Global Times, and Washington’s actions in relation to the Chinese students: “Sino-us relations continue to deteriorate, and pandemic COVID-19 further weakened the desire of Chinese families to send their children to study in the United States. If the United States close the doors of their universities to Chinese students, it will significantly reduce the assessment of the quality of American education in Chinese society. As a result, many children will give up their plans to study in the United States.”

the United States continues Global Times, “are considering sanctions Chinese officials and strengthen oversight of Chinese companies listed on the US stock market. The impression is that the sanctions measures of the United States are large and powerful. But the truth is that the US can’t win either Hong Kong or mainland China. In the end, the only trump card of Washington is nothing like the imposition of tariffs on Hong Kong and Hong Kongers obstruction in obtaining U.S. visas. Such arrogance, of course, creates problems, but the future of Hong Kong linked with the whole country. Temporary rotations will not change the fate of Hong Kong.”

“the U.S. is swimming against the tide of history, sums up the Chinese edition. They come from different international organizations and impose arbitrary and egregious sanctions, which only harm them. This sharp tactics of a superpower such as the United States, – not that other, as a chronic suicide.”