SP-Nationalrat Jacques-André Maire (62) had wanted to know whether the Federal Council share the opinion of one of the Headhunters that knowledge of French should not be a condition, since this requirement would exclude good candidates only.

Maire spoke to a Interview at a GLANCE. There Headhunter Werner Raschle (55) had not said that he considered for the Post in German and English mandatory, French is not. “With the French as a condition of around 75 per cent of potential candidates will be excluded. Top people under the age of 40 today are no longer fluent in French,” says Raschle.

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not languages, As was said by railway Minister Simonetta Sommaruga (59), shall inform the Federal Council of this opinion. It is important that the CEO of the public Service company could communicate languages SBB in the country. The Board of Directors have created a detailed profile for the successor or the successor to Meyers.

in it was stated that the Person must be proficient in English and French, in the ideal case, Italian. In addition, be asked about the international contacts, knowledge of the English language.

SBB chief Andreas Meyer (58) had announced in early September that he wants to leave the company by the end of 2020. (SDA)