environmental experts agree: to protect the world from the collapse that is needed on the road to smaller, less powerful and more fuel-efficient cars with electric drive. Climate activists are likely to occur as a mockery, if the Audi with the RS Q3 Sportback expands its Compact-SUV range from the beginning of 2020.

but Why not? The manufacturers plan to earn good with jacked would-be off-roaders, the clients love the models, and for a few Extra HP also like to have a few francs. Since the coupe Version of the Sport-SUV Q3 just right. “The sharp Design of the 400-horsepower Monster to the outside”, it means about of the part of the Designer.

power on and under the sheet

The Sportback is 45 mm flat (1.56 m) than the RS Q3 gets compared to the series, with a broader wheel arches, a pretty Coupéheck and a martial introduced Japanese Front-style with a Mega-air grille intakes and in Black. Suitable for this purpose, the drive: The 2.5-Liter five-cylinder, already familiar from the TT RS that delivers 400 HP and a whopping 480 Nm, the concerns in a broad Rev band (1950 to 5850 rpm).

Characteristic Sound

Thus, the RS Q3 to the king of the traffic light is a race, where he sprints from the prior – theoretically, of course – in 4.5 seconds to 100 kph and depending on the equipment of up to 280 km/h is firing order – accompanied by the characteristic Sound of the five cylinder. With the lighter and more compact unit is high-tech but not done: all-wheel drive, distributed over the 7-speed dual-coupler is series, clear.

On request, sports cars, technology

This wheelset selective moment brake control, progressive steering and, on request, adaptive shock absorber control, or even ceramic. Inside, there is the well-known Virtual Cockpit with digital instruments, for the first time, leather seats with honeycomb quilting, and RS-Mode button on the sport steering wheel to direct selection of the sport mode. In the space of the Sportback with 530 to 1400 litres, due to the coupé line slightly behind the normal RS Q3 (1525 l).

The prices for the RS Q3 Sportback is expected to start at around 80’000 Swiss francs.