The 27-year-old rejected asylum-seekers Moestafa K.* dance around the Swiss authorities on the nose. The Moroccans steals and slams – and no one can stop him. In December 2018, he has invaded in Frauenfeld two lädeli owner, in order to save you the income of 3500 francs. He hurt his victims. However, the Prosecutor’s office pushed the Pair even a complicity in the shoes (EYES reported).

The Problem in the case of Moestafa K. is in his home country. The Moroccan authorities are not willing, the 2016 of Switzerland’s rejected asylum seekers to take back. There is no readmission agreement. So Moestafa K. remains in Switzerland at large. Where he is, no one knows. The Moroccan has been a long time submerged.

The VIEW revealed asylum-madness to Moestafa K. shows that the relationship between Bern and Rabat is far clouded more than previously thought. There is much to do for the new Swiss Ambassador Guillaume Scheurer (55). Yesterday, ironically, in the midst of the tense Situation, he has taken office.

the New Ambassador was in crisis areas

On Scheurer great rest hopes, because he brings a new impetus and is familiar with crises well. He worked as a Diplomat already in Tehran, where he mediated between Iran and the United States, and as the first employee of the Swiss OSCE Delegation, which is responsible for the security and cooperation in Europe.

From 2015 until recently, he was an Ambassador in the civil war-plagued Ukraine. Since he made it last, but because of a diplomatic incident was the talk of the. In June of 2018, he crashed with his diplomats Volvo XC60 in the vicinity of the city of Lviv with a VW-Transporter, where another car was hit.

it is reported As a VIEW at the time, he was able to go to a medical examination, according to home, his passenger had to be brought to the hospital. The investigations of the police in the Ukraine, there were, according to the EDA, that Scheurer wasn’t at fault. The FDFA shall, on request of a VIEW: “The case has been set.”

these are the tough nuts to Crack

In the case of Moestafa K. is required Scheurer now. On the first day at the Embassy in Rabat, he knelt yesterday in his work. “He has meeting to meeting,” it was said yesterday at the Secretariat on request. In the evening, then a direct Statement of the diplomats. Scheurer promised to LOOK: “I’m going to work during my mandate, to strengthen the relations between Switzerland and Morocco, and expand.” Better today than tomorrow – because there is enough to do for the Ambassador. These focal points he needs to tackle:

Each year, traveling tens of thousands of Swiss to Morocco on vacation and leave their money in Hotels and leisure facilities are located. However, the Moroccan authorities refuse to an efficient cooperation with Bern. There is not even a readmission agreement.To the Moroccan Offices of the fingerprints of a tested in Switzerland, the Person apprehended, hiding much too long a time, in the Suspect again under the diving ranges.While in 2018 a total of 63 identified Moroccans forced way could be by sea, but Morocco opposes special flights with rejected asylum seekers. Currently, 218 of the Rear creations are pending.

The mandate is clear: Mr. Ambassador, stop these asylum-madness!

* Name changed by the editors

It is not a simple relationship between Switzerland and Morocco when it comes to migration issues. Morocco is one of those 64 countries with which Switzerland readmission agreement has been completed.

If the Moroccans who do not have valid travel documents, have to leave Switzerland, there are, correspondingly, regularly problems with the North African state. So also in the case of Moestafa K.* (27).

“Without the identification of the returnee through the mutmassliches country of origin, no Return is possible”, says Rolf Kormann, a spokesman for the state Secretariat for Migration to VIEWS. For alleged Moroccan citizens, such as K. the identification of successes via fingerprint comparison in Rabat. Bloss: “It takes a disproportionately long time,” he says.

After all: “The cooperation with Morocco could be improved thanks to regular contacts between the SEM and for the return of competent authorities in Morocco in recent years.” 2018 were 63 identified Moroccans way forced to be. “Although Morocco allowed no special flights.”

but with cases such as Moestafa K., which are also still a criminal offence in Switzerland to deal? “Persons with a legally binding removal decision to be excluded from social assistance and only receive emergency relief,” says Kormann. In addition, cantons of rayon bans should be issued. And it could be arranged the law on foreign nationals in administrative detention, if such detention be of reasons.

often, such individuals under the diving but just. “In the ideal case, the return travel submerged in their home state,” says Kormann. Flavio Razzino

* the Name has been changed