The two largest Swiss mobile operator Swisscom and Sunrise, are one of the world’s first Telecom companies, with a 5G network. Accordingly, these two companies will apply the new mobile radio standard 5G.

If customers want to use the 5G network, you will need, however, is both a 5G-compatible Smartphone and an appropriate mobile subscription. “Still, there are only a few Smartphones, and subscriptions, which support 5G. And unfortunately, these are expensive,” says Ralf Beyeler, telecoms expert at Online comparison service money to the country.

5G at an additional cost

Beyeler has taken the offers of the mobile service provider under the magnifying glass. In the case of Swisscom 5G for residential customers is currently solely with the following subscriptions available: With the subscription of “inOne mobile go” and “Swiss mobile flat”, do not get the customer the full speed.

With the options “Premium Speed” for CHF 10 per month, respectively, “Connect Pack” for 20 Swiss francs per month, the customers receive faster 5G. Not 5G is currently not supported by the new subscriptions “inOne mobile basic”, “Swiss Mobile light” as well as of all the older subscriptions.

At Sunrise is 5G only with the new “swiss unlimited”, “swiss neighbors” and “europe & US” the subscription-families, Freedom and Young available. A 5G Option is necessary, the monthly costs 10 Swiss francs in addition. With all the other subscriptions are there for Sunrise customers is not a 5G.

the Sunrise is more expensive than Swisscom

Surprisingly, Sunrise is at 5G subscriptions more expensive than Swisscom. The cheapest subscription at Swisscom it costs 65 Swiss francs, at Sunrise, however, 75 francs per month. “Both Sunrise and Swisscom offer 5G so far only in the context of more expensive subscriptions. Who has a cheap subscription is still empty out,” says Telecom expert Beyeler.

customers of other mobile providers such as M-Budget Mobile, Coop Mobile, Wingo, Aldi, Yallo, or UPC can’t use the 5G at all. Also from the Salt which will soon start with 5G – there are currently no 5G deals.

5G (still) offers no advantages

5G networks at the Moment are only selectively to a few locations in Switzerland are available. After all, both Swisscom and Sunrise want to provide until the end of the year, large parts of Switzerland with 5G. However, 5G Smartphones, and subscriptions are expensive.

“For the majority of customers has 5G so far no major advantages. Most customers can wait with the purchase of a 5G Smartphones confidently,” says Beyeler. After all: Where will the 5G network is already in place, to benefit the few 5G-customers in the beginning that you have to share the antenna with only a few users. (zas)