Phenomenon, which in real life would not have arisen or would arise in the distant future, there are right now. The project was created under the slogan: “and suddenly the truth after the pandemic, the world will never be the same?” This portal is a dream to make a virtual version of the BDT, with its history, its present, its future, its real life that I live now artists apartments, with some attempt to turn this social project in art.

Photo: Victor Vasenin/ RG What not to miss on TV and online in the week from 13 to 19 April

According to the Mighty, the quarantine was made to remember the forgotten and nearly destroyed a kind of theater – the radio theater. In addition, there will be and already repetiruyut performances created specifically for the Internet, stream, online meetings with artists, exhibitions, projects for kids, archival performances Tovstonogov, a virtual buffet where you can get together, and more.

– And the profession is our collective and abhors separation. Let’s try to continue to live and work, not to lose each other, not to lose the viewer. Let’s play this game – said Mighty.

Took part in the press-conference Alisa Freundlich to the question, not do without the theatre, said that he was pleased until he switched to the theater, grandchildren and great grandchildren. In addition, she spoke about his work on the prose of Marianne Goncharova, a Russian writer living in Chernivtsi, a story which starts БДТdigital: “This is a writer with a wonderful sense of humor, kindness and tenderness”. The production of digital BDT Freundlich welcomed, but warned: “Only then let the new art form itself, and the theater itself.”

Photo: Press service of the Alexandrinsky theatre What are the performances of the theater to watch next week

Minister of culture Olga Lyubimova noted that the Ministry of culture supported the project, and expressed confidence that the cooperation with BDT will fight several platforms.

A theater critic and critic Marina Davydova made a joke, which is so predictable, but hard to project someone had to dare. The world’s first theatre he ventured BDT.