the Network has criticized the clip of the singer Svetlana Loboda on the song “Boom Boom”, authored by showman Alexander Gudkov.

In the video make fun of men evaluating women solely on appearance. In the video, along with Svetlana Loboda starred Maria Monogarova, Ksenia Sobchak, Yekaterina Varnava, IDA Galich, Lolita and others. All these woman in the story participate in a beauty contest, demonstrating skills of seduction. “Judges” is bad, looking at the contestants.

According to Loboda, the clip has become a sort of “a challenge to society with its pseudomoral”. The singer said in Instagram that it is “our Gudkov collective madness inside your unconscious”. However, few were able to assess their creativity.

the Video has received more than 138 thousand dislikes allowed, and only 65 thousand likes. Many users stated that this work was one of the worst in Loboda.

“the message is clear, but raised in the video problems is always very funny sound “from the mouth” of the industry, where trade sexuality is and always has been the backbone,” wrote one commenter.

But the participants of the video was satisfied with the work. Lolita in conversation with “MK” stated that he was “very happy to participate” in “Boom Boom”. The singer admitted that he now understands what it’s like to “star in latex suit” when “become like a big dumpling”.