In the list of finalists — three Russians.

the breathtaking underwater self-portrait by Spanish photographer Victor de Valles, shot in Menorca, won the contest #Beauty2020 from Agora.

“I took advantage of the quarantine to find out how can I improve my underwater photography, from focus to exposure in low light. I took this photo on the first day, when we are again allowed to leave our homes, and I was able to put into practice what they have learned during isolation,” said the photographer.

“In my photographs I usually try to convey the beauty of the underwater world, especially in caves, trying to catch all the dynamic range and color. Caves are usually quite dark and unexplored places, but everything changes when through them passes a beam of light,” added de Valles, who will receive a prize of one thousand dollars.

Agora has also published the top 50 photos of the competition. In the list of finalists got pictures of three Russian photographers @panvelvet, @artempikalov and

Agora is a mobile application where professional photographers and Amateurs share their images and participate in contests.

Anna Lysenko

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