If the citizens of the Netherlands breaks the forsamlingsforbud, which has been extended, they risk a hefty fine.

It can be an expensive pleasure to meet in groups of more than three in the Netherlands. At least up to 1. June.

Monday, the Dutch government decided to extend the forsamlingsforbuddet in the country, so it lasts until 1. June. So far it has been the plan, that the ban was due to expire in april.

And the police have been given powers to issue fines to those who may violate the prohibition in the public.

Thus, individuals who along with the other breaks the ban will receive a fine of 400 euro – about 3000 dollars.

Companies that break the rules, get a fine of 4000 euros – approximately 30,000 crowns.

There is talk about a shutdown of the country, says prime minister Mark Rutte.

– It is an intelligent closing, he points out.

Many Dutch people do not follow official guidelines, considers the minister of justice, Ferdinand Grapperhaus. In the weekend it was crowded on the beaches and in the parks.

I are aware of that it here is very strict. But we have no other choice, he says, according to the news agency dpa.

According to the new rules, the mayors now also close the beaches, parks and campingområder.

Monday is the registered 4749 smittetilfælde in the Netherlands and 213 coronarelaterede deaths.

A second action, which keeps the schools and restaurants are closed until 6. april, will not be amended in this instance, informs the Dutch government.

It is also working on exemptions for forsamlingsforbuddet, be it at funerals, weddings and markets.