Experts Mospeada found nests of Remez on the territory of the nature monument “Vashutinskoe mesotrophic swamp” in molzhaninovsky district.

the Remez is the Myna bird smaller than a Sparrow, with a sharp beak, grey head and red-brown back. In adults passes through the eye a black stripe mask. The plumage of the female is slightly paler than the males: they have no brown plaque on the chest and mask a little smaller. Remez eats insects, occasionally adult birds eat seeds.

the Nest looks very unusual: it looks like a soft mitten. Birds build their from plant down, cobwebs and blades of grass that drag drooping branches of weeping trees, such as willow, birch and alder, which grow in damp meadows and fens. These furry nest males, the female also chooses his best and helping in the final preparations, and then lays five to eight eggs. About two weeks to hatch into Chicks.

these are the sockets found on the territory of Vashutinskoe mesotrophic mire, and so the species occurs here.

the Remez is under protection since 1978 and listed in the Red book of Moscow.