The neighbors have been hounding Dana Borisova

TV presenter Dana Borisova recently complained of coughing, she was suspected to have contracted the coronavirus. But a celebrity is not expected that this will be the object of persecution neighbors.

Dana Borisova recently complained to the Stories of Instagram that cough. The presenter feared could be infected with a coronavirus infection, because recently spoke with Lev Leshchenko, who’s being treated for pneumonia caused by Covid-19. It turned out that not only the Dana is worried, but her neighbors in the apartment complex. The celebrity said that in the chat set up to discuss issues of apartment owners, it is constantly discussed.

The neighbors are afraid that Dana can infect them. In addition, they believe the source of infection a dog presenter Monica. Dana tried to answer discussing that the pet cannot be a carrier of the disease, but understanding is not met. She was accused of addictions, called “contagious addict” and chided that she occasionally violates the regime of self-isolation, leaving the house to shooting a talk show.

Dana advised the neighbors to pass a test on Covid-19, and do not blame her. In order to protect his reputation, the presenter turned in a show of Andrei Malakhov “live”. She intends to prove she’s not ill by the coronavirus and the long-lost dependencies.