A 16-year-old boy is accused of having beaten his mother to death with knife wounds. He acknowledges himself guilty.

on Tuesday, the Court in Roskilde launched a drabssag, where a 16-year-old boy is accused of having beaten his mother to death.

He must have stabbed her with a knife in the stomach, the neck and on the back in the end of July last year in their home on Display.

At today’s hearing was the accused appeared with her counsel, lawyer Stefan Møller Jørgensen, as well as his father, who sat by his son’s side during the entire hearing.

The 16-year-old acknowledges himself guilty, stated the defender.

On the fateful juliaften it was the neighbours of the deceased woman and the son who found the woman lying on the floor on the gallery in the apartment building.

It told one of the neighbors, when he testified during today’s hearing.

After having found her, he tried to stop the heavy bleeding from the neck with a kitchen towel.

They carried also the first aid on the woman, but her life was not to save.

– We tried to make it as best as we could, but it was a very heavy bleeding, he said.

Before he made the gruesome discovery, had the neighbor heard screams from a woman, which he was sure came from nabolejligheden.

– It was an unfamiliar sound, since there had been trouble in the past, he said during the questioning.

the Neighbor also found the son, which now is accused of the killing, sitting in the couch in the apartment.

He said nothing. It did not seem like he was in affect, or was fully aware of what had happened, said the neighbor.

When the police came to the scene, found a knife, which had blood and tissue on the leaf, told the prosecutor, Magnus Mølholm, at Tuesday’s hearing.

the Boy’s side of the matter was, however, not to hear, as his lawyer said that his client did not want to comment.

But the 16-year-old by a former grundlovsforhør explained that he had been a falling out with his mother the night.

the Fracas developed, and the boy went out in the kitchen of their shared home, took a kitchen knife and went in to her mother in the bedroom, where he stuck her several times in the back.

despite the fact that the mother tried to escape his son by running out on the gallery in the apartment complex, sought he the mother and stabbed her several times in the stomach, the neck and finally in the back before she fell.

Would the 16-year-old accused was Tuesday also the opportunity to witness, but the offer he chose not to avail himself of.

the Verdict was actually planned to drop the 17. april, however, it is uncertain whether the plan holder, as the assessment of the mentalundersøgelse, as the boy has undergone, is missing.

It is necessary in order that the case can be completed, said prosecutor Magnus Mølholm at today’s hearing.

There is, therefore, also reserved a hearing to the 29. april.