for the second a young family on the Yamal was awarded with a certificate for the construction of plague – the traditional dwellings of the natives. It’s nomadic herders have a new national housing “turnkey”.

This means that the family is given the entire set of necessary materials for the construction of plague. On it usually takes from 25 to 40 high poles, not less than 40-60 deer hides, a special windproof coating and stove. All of this farm family moving from place to place loads on the sled and on the next lot builds a dwelling again.

How to tell tundra, plague collected over the years. Usually while the child is still small for his future family mother and father are beginning to gradually prepare your home. Women winter long excrete and lay reindeer skins, the men prepare the poles – the Foundation for the home. Given that family from the Yamal natives, as a rule, large families (they have five or six children), to provide housing for all quite expensive. A good tent can cost up to 700-800 thousand rubles.

began the campaign a year ago, when the administration of the village of Salemal came the family of the young reindeer Tangi. They decided to live separately from their parents and asked the local authorities assistance in setting up your own plague. Soon tundroviki already met a housewarming party.

As the head of the settlement, Maxim Karelin, the first experience everyone was happy and the campaign decided to make an annual event. Now the happy owners of a new plague has become another family of young natives. This is Peter and Natalia Mazurkina, they recently got married, and their homes they had. The head of the family works as a fisherman. Together with his wife they bring up a small child. Now, they have their reliable warm tent.


Today on the Yamal Peninsula are nomadic lives about 20 thousand natives, the Nenets and Khanty. More than half of all nomadic indigenous ethnic groups of our country.