The National Security council, is Friday afternoon, to meet again in the coronacrisis. If there is any new treatment, it remains to be seen. This is the first place to look to see what the experts around the table to assist and advise you.

at The previous meeting of the Security council, a result of two harsh measures to control the spread of the corona virus to do. Think about the closing of stores, suspension of classes, and the samenscholingsverbod.

Those measures will run tentatively until 5 april. The probability seems great that the time limit will be extended, though it need not necessarily be, Friday is going to happen. The flemish minister of Education, Ben Weyts (N-VA), would, for example, to have no illusions about the resumption of classes after the easter holidays. And also a virologist is in order, Marc Van Ranst had understood that the mass of events that is still not right.

opening Hours & services.

What really going to happen, it is a refinement of the ministerial decree regarding the opening hours of the retail food stores. That have been fixed from 07: 00 to 22: 00. The amendment has brought a surge of energy about a change in the vakbondskringen, which the prime minister, Sophie Wilmès insisted that it was for all of the existing conditions and to cover, not just hours at a time. She said, ” Friday is definitely a refinement of a particular item.

also discussed will be the list of essential services and jobs. The prime minister announced Thursday, in the Room of the crisis center and the social partners will discuss potential changes to the list.

for The past couple of days, it is in this sense also to talk about who does the work must go on. According to the LABOUR party front man Raoul Hedebouw, there are far too many people in the work place, while in the Flemish prime minister Jan Jambon (N-VA) has just suggested that there are more people at work need to go. He said that in the construction industry, and the dienstenchequesector too fast, the use of technical unemployment.

how Far can you ride a bike?

you have to make a decision on that is expected, it is a form of afstandsbeperking. The track that trips coronatijden within a radius of 1 km around the home need to be done, there seems to be politics, not a platform. It also seems to be practically little to be feasible. But there is still a quantitative measure, is well in line with expectations, given that the police are out there to make early in the morning. As a suggestion, it is, for example, that you are within an hour from home, should be able to.

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