Pushkin visited repeatedly in the house number 20 on Sadovaya street, in the courtyard of which in the 1830-ies was located the main entrance to the library, told in the NLR. In this same house lived fabulist Ivan Krylov and a poet and translator Nikolay Gnedich.

National library Alexander mentions in his letter to the Emperor Alexander I. In January 1825 in the printing of the Department of education printed his novel in verse “Eugene Onegin”, the author himself is in exile in St Michael’s. He asked the Emperor to read works that are already out of print – “Ruslan and Ludmila”, “the prisoner of the Caucasus” and “the fountain of Bakhchisarai”. In the same letter he notes that he plans to send two copies of “Eugene Onegin,” “in the library of your Majesty to Ivan Andreevich Krylov”. By the way, the fabulist was in charge of the Russian Department.

After the death of Alexander Pushkin, Director of the library of Alexey Nikolaevich Olenin did everything possible to perpetuate the memory of the great poet. He ordered the sculptor Samuel Ivanovich galberga, author of Pushkin’s death mask, a cast of the bust of the poet. For this library I had to pay 50 rubles. Olenin understood and appreciated the true genius and talent of Pushkin.