the flu is not always harmless, as the Federal office for health (BAG) announced on Monday: In the season 2018/2019 around 210’000 visits to the doctor had been registered in this connection. In many cases of the flu have led to complications that made hospitalization necessary and sometimes death resulted.

this is the reason why the flu vaccination for people with chronic diseases, such as respiratory or heart diseases is recommended, in pregnant women, premature infants, children, and people aged 65 and above.

questions and answers about the flu vaccination

With the beginning of winter, the flu season comes back. The most reliable protection against infection, the annual vaccination provides.

Who should be vaccinated?

The vaccine is also recommended for relatives of persons with increased risk. So you can protect yourself and the most vulnerable people, by reducing the risk of infection. To get particularly a flu vaccination, the Medical and nursing staff, the employees of kindergartens and day-care centres and nursing homes.

On 8. November, this year’s national Influenza immunization day will be held. Impfinteressierte people to vaccinate and then spontaneously a recommended flat fee of 30 Swiss francs in doctor’s offices or pharmacies. The day of action is an Initiative of the College for doctor of medicine (KHM), in cooperation with the FOPH, the Swiss medical Doctors (FMH) and the Swiss Association of pharmacists (pharmasuisse). (SDA)

you have to let the flu vaccination?

Well protected from flu with a vaccination. According to the Federal office for health (BAG) would you stay with a probability between 60 to 80 percent healthy. The vaccination effect among young, says Daniel cook, head of Communicable diseases at the BAG. In the Elderly, and the chronically ill, the Vaccine was lower. Besides a syringe, you can simple behavior rules to reduce the risk of infection. It is also advisable to wash regularly and thoroughly with the hands.

Because the flu pathogen to be brought on by coughing and Sneezing into circulation. And then through the direct contact with the skin, such as when shaking hands. Summing up then in the face, can implant the virus on the mucous membranes. Important: healthy diet, enough sleep and regular Airing. In heated rooms and air-conditioned workplaces, virus feel especially comfortable.

the flu vs the common cold

The flu is attacking again to. But what are the differences to a normal cold are actually? And how can you protect yourself best? More information is here.