It was an emotional and heated debate. From ten o’clock in the morning until six o’clock in the evening (with two hours lunch break) debated on the national councils yesterday about the crucial question of family policy: How you did it with daddy-holiday?

The people’s initiative, which, among others, the trade Union umbrella organisation travail Suisse, and the women umbrella organisation Alliance F launches have, calls for four weeks, i.e. 20 working days.

And the waves ran high, and 60 speakers came to the podium – about a quarter of the Council. Then the great chamber of the Parliament followed the Council of States and voted by 129 to 62 for a watered-down Two-weeks-variant.

“work up to a heart attack”

The indirect counter-proposal to a maximum claim supporters, also found in the liberal camp. “Today’s generations understand the quality of life is something other than we”, said about FDP-Nationalrat Hans-Peter Portmann (56, ZH). They no longer wanted to work only up to a heart attack, but the family life.

The main opponent of the Papi-holiday in the SVP-group is made meanwhile, for the murmur in the ranks. “I have not felt after the birth of my two children the need to be together for four weeks, day and night with them,” said SVP hardliners Andreas Glarner (56, AG). “But I also had a virtuous woman.”

The SP outbid, in turn, requests for up to one year Parental leave. Thereat FDP was port man lead to the following statement: “If something came by, I would change my professional commitment and sperm donors are,” he said at the lectern. “Up to my retirement age, I would be every two weeks, father. That would be a great combination with my work as a politician.” He pushed, “this is an unserious answer to an unserious proposal”.

Papi-holiday are already out of date

Papi-holiday-Initiator Adrian Wüthrich (39, BE) annoyed at first, then said, but to VIEW: “The sperm donation-statement by Mr port man I found in the debate fully out of place. After all, he has agreed to the paternity leave of two weeks. I voted mild,” said the SP national councillor and travail Suisse President.

And what Wüthrich is doing now with his Initiative? A retreat could help the SP planned extended parents ‘ time. “We are at the 2. October decide. But it’s true: The paternity leave is only the beginning – what we really want is a parents time. And the people should reject the four weeks of paternity leave, could delay the discussion of a parents ‘ time.”