Today, 40 percent of the fathers after the birth of a baby exactly one day of vacation. This is set to change: A two-week paternity leave today, in the great chamber a good chance of success. Their preliminary advice to the education Commission has agreed to the proposal. Fathers should be able to take within six months from the birth of a child to two weeks of paid vacation.

The holidays would be financed, such as the maternity leave on the purchase of a replacement law. The estimated cost amounts to approximately 224 million Swiss francs per year.

The Council of States had agreed to this change in the law in the summer session of the course. The national Council Commission followed it with a 15 to 10 vote. A minority do not want to enter on the template.

In a co-Rapporteur from the beginning of July, had also said the national Council’s financial Committee for the indirect counter-proposal. In your opinion, is a sensible compromise, also from a financial point of view, justifiable. The costs were compared to the Use of low.

Is withdrawn people’s initiative?

The Initiative “For a reasonable paternity leave – for the Benefit of the whole family”, which calls for four weeks of paternity leave, the Commission rejected 13 to 10 votes, with one abstention. The cost of a four-week paternity leave are estimated to be around 420 million Swiss francs per year.

The initiative Committee does not want to be content with the proposed two weeks. On Tuesday, a day before the debate in the national Assembly, the initiators according to a new survey – also to make pressure on the parliamentarians. According to this wishes, a majority of almost 85 per cent of paid paternity leave, and 76 percent of them say Yes or rather Yes to the popular initiative, which is on the table. However, The initiators may withdraw their Initiative if the two weeks are in dry towels, as they announced.

parents – instead of dad-holiday

The debate in the national Assembly is expected to take several hours. To talk about alternative models, such as a parental leave, time off for parents with a job guarantee will give. This concept is in the national Council’s Commission with 16 votes to 9 by fallen. The Ratslinke wants to make this claim, yet also in the national Council.

a parental leave of 38 weeks, or a period of parental leave of 52 weeks be Required of 14 weeks for the mother and the other parent. Some initiatives are already filed, in part, planned in the future.

A 38-week parental leave period, would entail annual additional costs of 2.3 to 2.7 billion Swiss francs, with – depending on how the mothers and fathers to share the leave. In the case of a financing through the acquisition of a replacement procedure of the wage contribution to today’s 0.45 per cent would have to be raised up to 1.13 percent. (SDA/Neue musikzeitung)