Health care will screw marked up for the number of coronatest. The number of the test must now be equivalent to Norway’s.

the national board of Health’s ambition is to make 5000 coronatest on the day, informs the agency on Wednesday evening.

It will be a multiplication of the current number.

– national board of Health’s ambition is to reach about 5000 tests per day. It is similar to what they manage in Norway, and our guidelines are similar to each other, ” says Helene Probst, center director for planning in the national board of Health, in an email response to the news agency Ritzau.

Overall, there have been tested about 15,000 people, since coronavirusset hit Denmark at the end of February.

so far the Danish health sector tested between approximately 500 and 1800 danes per day. On Tuesday tested to 850. Monday was the number 1032.

on Sunday announced the health and ældreminister Magnus Heunicke (S), that Denmark will test more for coronaviruses.

Wednesday evening, the Board therefore updated the guidelines.

In the new guidelines, it appears that adults with moderate to severe symptoms should be referred to a Covid-19-assessment unit at a hospital after telephone contact.

The particularly vulnerable persons with light to moderate symptoms can also be referred to an assessment unit, from a principle of prudence, according to the guidelines.

a particularly vulnerable group includes, among others, the elderly over 80 years old.

on suspicion of infection at the care centers, homes for the elderly and in Prison institutions and similar places citizens can now be referred for assessment and possible testing.

With Sunday’s announcement of several tests, it was, however, at the same time clear that the country’s testkapacitet is under a lot of pressure. Health care can’t currently test as many as you want.

– We are working to provide testkapacitet. As we obtain it, we can test more, said Magnus Heunicke Sunday.

the national board of Health gives priority to four groups of the highest, if there are supply problems, according to the updated guidelines.

Patients admitted or already admitted, to be tested first.

Next, the health services give priority to udbrudshåndtering on, for example, care centers or group.

third priority finally, have particularly vulnerable persons, including elderly patients over 80 years.

Employees in critical functions, “which can not readily be substituted” is the last priority group.

the world health organisation, WHO, have for some time argued that countries, including Denmark, ought to test more.

this is Why the criticism of the national board of Health taken because the Danish health authorities have not followed the WHO’s recommendations on to test far more and to track down people.

At a press conference Wednesday afternoon said Helene Probst, the Danish Health and medicines authority will continue to make its own assessment of the WHO’s recommendations and determine if anything needs to be adjusted.

this is the sound of it is also from the national board of Health’s director, Søren Brostrøm.