the President called this a great event and a very important and significant step in the development of the Navy. “On three leading shipyards laid simultaneously six new ships of the far sea zone,” – he stressed.

it’s two In the Kerch amphibious assault ship in Saint-Petersburg at the plant “Severnaya Verf”, – two frigates, and in Severodvinsk at the “Sevmash” two nuclear-powered cruisers.

the Ships will be bear the names of famous generals and naval commanders: John Smith and Mitrofan Moskalenko, Admiral Yumashev, Admiral Spiridonov. And submarines are named in honor of cities of military glory Voronezh and Vladivostok.

Together with the CEO of the plant “Zaliv” the President established a mortgage Board section of the ship “Ivan Rogov”. And Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov, Deputy head of the Ministry of defense Alexey Krivoruchko, the chief of the Navy Nikolai Evmenov has set mortgage Board section of the ship “Mitrofan Moskalenko”. For laying the submarine and frigates President watched via videoconference.

the Ships will be equipped with advanced control systems, equipment and remote communication, they will significantly enhance the combat potential of the Navy will increase its strategic opportunities, said President Vladimir Putin.

“the Navy has always defended the borders of Russia and in our days plays a vital role in ensuring Russia’s security, stands firmly on guard of national interests, helps to maintain strategic balance and stability in the world,” stated the President. In key areas of the oceans are about 60 of our ships and support ships, nearly half of them in the far sea zone, and such long sea voyages, the demonstration of the Russian flag are carried out in recent years on a permanent basis, he said.

Russia is one of the longest coastlines and access to three oceans. “We will continue to focus on the development of a modern efficient fleet, to build ships, equipped with advanced weapons and equipment”, – Putin said.

8 years in a combat fleet included more than 200 ships, boats and vessels of various classes, and the President is urged to continue to perform the activities of the state armaments program to the year 2027, the share of modern ships in the Navy has exceeded 70 percent. “For all Russian shipbuilders this is a very serious, big problem,” he said. Now the industry is loaded with orders for years ahead, and we need to make maximum use of the powerful potential for the creation of new ships of all types, called the President.

Thanks to the crafters, sailors, Russia is among the world’s leading military powers, and the Russian ships effectively solve the whole complex of objectives, stated the head of state. “The way it should be and always will be”, he concluded.