Knowing it was A new mammoethuis’ has emerged in Russia. It is one of the oldest and the biggest so far. About 25,000 years ago, were hunter-gatherers, with hundreds of bones from the 60’s hunted in a large, circular structure is 12.5 metres in diameter. Why is it, that no one knows.

back In the 60’s and 70’s researchers found all of the similar, but smaller structures on the same site, Kostenki 11, 500 km south of Moscow. It is now a museum.

as of 2014, there were archaeologists of the future construction on the site. A year later, the site, which is three years in duration. It was only this week that the findings of scientists, published in the journal Antiquity.

all The bones of the mammoths will come out of the last ice age. They have been used in the past in Eastern Europe to be found. Up until now, the oldest bones dated to about 22,000 years ago. The new fossils are about 25,000 years old.