last week on the famous wall of Tsoi on the corner of Old Arbat and Krivoarbatsky lane there was a mysterious “update”. On Thursday morning, passersby found the part of the Wall instead of the numerous colored graffiti big graffiti with a portrait of the singer and a quote-a motto of his most famous song “Changes require our hearts” on the expressive black background.

As told by “W.” the staff of the nearby cafes, even the night before when they had buried the school was nothing like this. New graffiti has caused a great interest among the strolling audience and instantly became the subject of numerous pictures to be taken and pose in the “background”. Given the context of the current socio-political moment, the appeal of anonymous artists to the most famous iconic protest slogan song artist-the legend has acquired a certain urgency and the poster-topical.

Tsoi Wall was repeatedly painted over, however, she again rose like a Phoenix from the ashes. Long will last the current “unreliable” inscription, the question still remains. “MK” has learned that “such a provocative update” was “unpleasant surprise” to guide local authorities and made them “a certain tension”. “Apparently, someone intentionally decided to paint it in the days of the popular vote according to the Constitution,” said “W.” employee of the Prefecture, is anxiously wished to remain anonymous.

on 24 June marked the 30th anniversary of the last concert of Viktor Tsoi at the Grand festival “Sound Track” which was held in the large sports arena in Luzhniki in the presence of 80 thousand spectators in Day of youth on the traditional in those years summer festival “Moskovsky Komsomolets”. Leaving soon on vacation to the Baltic States, Viktor Tsoi died 15 August 1990 in a car accident on the highway Sloka-Talsi in Latvia.