in The united and the Belgian music industry, including Arts, BEA, and Ultratop, pull to sound the alarm. “Due to the cancellation of the concerts, and festivals, and the delay of the release and the offer and the closing of record stores, it is firmly hacked in the industry. The physical sales of cd’s and vinyls, we can see, moreover, resolved to be as good as the zero, they do not know.

now, Therefore, the launch of the campaign to #PlayLocal. “It’s a short but clear message. We invite everyone to join us for a Belgian tunes and listen to it, and to help the industry. Each and every bit of support is welcome and appreciated.”
More about the Arts Q3, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike deserve most of the copyright music and festivalsector go to court against the tariff increase Arts Arts sees a turnover of over € 150 million to increase Arts ties are in: the bloggers who have videos to post them (yet), no fines