Three of the Moscow Museum received the award of the XXII international festival “Intermuseum”. This year it was attended by nearly 400 national and international cultural venues.

won first place in the nomination “Best educational project” for the weekly educational program “of the ISS in touch”, developed together with the social network “Vkontakte” and Roscosmos . This show, in which celebrity guests can call to the International space station and communicate with astronauts.

in addition, the Museum has won the Grand Prix of the festival “Intermuseum” for the program “ISS in touch” exhibition project “Volcanoes and space. Connecting worlds” in the cultural and educational center “Vulcanian” in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy.

the Exhibition tells about two dangerous and exciting professions – a volcanologist and astronaut, and will show you how to look like the famous Kamchatka volcanoes from the International space station — pictures of cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev. The exhibition will run until the fall of 2020.

two of the Moscow Museum received honorary diplomas. The jury noted family exhibition project of the Museum-reserve “the Museum and the audience. Scientific research”. This edition of the fourth and fifth volumes of the collected works of the founder and first Director of the Museum Alexander kotsa.

Just this year, the competition jury under the direction of the Director of the State Pushkin Museum Yevgeny Bogatyrev considered 121 a request from Russian museums. In the shortlist for the competition selected 20 projects are 18 museums. Also among the winners of the “Intermuseum-2020” State historical Museum, Museum-reserve “Tsarskoye Selo” and the Museum of Victory.

the Museum of cosmonautics is one of the largest science museums in Russia. Its history began in 1964, when the map of Moscow appeared the monument “Conquerors of space”.

Today, the space Museum is among the three most visited museums, Department of culture of Moscow. The modern exposition consists of eight exhibition halls. The Museum’s collection includes more than 99 thousand units of storage: the samples of rocket and space technology, antiquities, documents, collections of stamps, coins and other of banknotes, objects of decorative and applied art, collections of paintings and drawings.

Here are stories of space explorers. Among them are the famous Belka and Strelka, a genuine descent module of the spacecraft “Soyuz”, a model of the first artificial Earth satellite, the original remote control lunar Rover, full-size layout of the base block of the Mir space station and other space artifacts.

Extraterrestrial settlements, and clothing for the flight: the space Museum invites you to online to vistacopyright museums of cities of Russia: in Moscow launching the online project “Went together.”

the international festival of museums “Intermuseum” is one of the most important Museum events of the year. For many years he served the purposes of professional development of museums, forms a picture of the traditions, new trends, practices and technologies in the modern Museum. The founder and organizer of the “Intermuseum” is the Ministry of culture of Russia.