The murder of Staritsky: Ukrainian court decides the fate of the former Minister Kozhara

in the Ukraine On suspicion in murder detained Leonid Kozhara. I didn’t have to divide the former head of the foreign Ministry of Ukraine and the former Director of TV channel “inter”? Leonid Kozhara is testifying.

Worked on the version of suicide, but now believe otherwise. Here’s a post in Facebook, the Deputy head of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko, who announced the arrest of Leonid Kozhara. Former Minister of foreign Affairs Square — suspect, neither more nor less, of first-degree murder.

Led by the foreign Ministry from 2012 to 2014. And all the formal characteristics to a felon — like pulls. However, local investigators — another point of view. Say, had all the necessary expertise. And came to the conclusion that Kozhara is an urgent need to arrest. And eventually put on trial.

Because he allegedly personally shot a man named Sergey Staritsky. Businessman and media Executive. Died — about a month ago, and then most of the Ukrainian media wrote about the incident with restraint. Supposedly, there was a mysterious accident.

But now — a fundamentally different interpretation. Detailed description of the most probable circumstances of the tragedy. Which is difficult to describe how shocking.

These pictures with the dejected Leonid Kozhara in a medical mask and operational footage — now discussing the whole of Ukraine. Former Minister of foreign Affairs during the arrest, any resistance did not render. The premeditated murder of Sergey Staritsky he is suspected on examination results.

“what we tell the lawyers of the deceased — the blow was struck on the head and on the back there are traces of the paint gun – it’s easily identifiable, and then a shot was fired,” says Volodymyr Oliynyk, a former Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

the Name of Leonid Kozhara, Ukraine at the hearing. The politician of times of Yanukovych, in 2018, the year the socialists even put forward his candidacy for the presidency.

“he Said I known for many years, and as Ambassador to Sweden, and as Minister of foreign Affairs. This is a very serious and responsible professional, and what happened to him, of course, I was puzzled. Unfortunately, the psychological situation after the coup, when it without explanation thrown out of the Ministry of foreign Affairs and the next six years it hunted in fact, it may be psychological it broke,” suggests Nikolai Azarov, Prime Minister of Ukraine.

Sergey Staritsky, the former Director of TV channel “inter”, known in Ukraine advertiser. They Kozhara was peers and even seems to be friends.

was the investigation an experiment, an indoor. And eyewitnesses interviewed. Have Kozhara in the village of Seagulls were partying, drinking, the host showed the guests that gun. Former Minister of the weapon like a collector.

the Ukrainian mass media write that Kozhara drunk, it happened, was shot in his back yard. And it was his favorite gun. Which is found in the hand of the Staritskogo. Embedded he was or not? Maybe there policy?

In General, shooting. Now the Minister is waiting for the election of a preventive measure. The Staritsky family insists on his arrest — without bail. For the decision of the court is 72 hours.