in the far north of Vesterålen collected thousands of geese and other migratory birds, heading for Svalbard.

On the island of Andøya is gathering the forces to take the trip over Greenland and the Barents sea.

In addition, is considered myrlandskapet on the island of Andøya as unique in a global context, and was in the year suggested the protection of the County governor in Nordland.

Stephan Klepsland in Prime Capital is very disappointed with the government.

Photo: Martin Hall Larsen / NRK

In the 15 years Andmyran had a contentious vindkraftprosjekt hanging over her.

environmental organisations fear major consequences for biodiversity if the project becomes a reality.

Therefore, it was associated with considerable tension when the government should decide the disputed vindkraftprosjektet.

the Owners had sought to get extended the time limit for previous permission for development with one year, as well as to get the drive to 2051.

today came the rejection.

It is the construction is very critical. Read why further down in the article. – Important to preserve the bog

Oil and energy minister Tina Bru (H) says no to the plans.

Photo: Siv Sandvik

the Reason for the refusal is that the government will not have the wind in the bog areas because of the climate.

This island is a part of a comprehensive valuable marsh area, says oil and energy minister Tina Bru.

wind power plants on the marsh is in great conflict with the goal of reducing emissions and the conservation of the swamp as karbonlager.

the Government prohibits farmers to grow food in the marshes: – Will affect the agricultural sector hard

the Minister pointed out that they have gained more and more knowledge about the downsizing of the swamp since the plans were first approval.

– This consideration has been decisive in the assessment if the deadline should be postponed.

Great resistance Photo: Sigurd Steinum / NRK

the License was originally granted in 2006.

It means that knowledge is the basis for this award is 11 years old.

the Plan was that the construction of the island would start in september of this year.

Andmyran in Vesterålen teeming with abundant wildlife; plants, fungi, insects, and birds. Several of the birds are on the Norwegian red list of species that are in danger of becoming extinct.

It is a globally important fugleområde, according to the Norwegian Ornithological Society (NOF).

the wind farm will be squeezed between the limits of the island of Andøya and a recognized area for birds and biodiversity.

– A glaring project

Silje Lundberg in Naturvernforbundet believe Andmyran wind farm should not have been approved. Lundberg complained on the permit, together with NOF and Sabima.

Silje Lundberg in Naturvernforbundet think this is the nail in the coffin for the project.

Photo: Knut Røsrud / NRK

– There is a huge glaring project, ” says Lundberg, the Norwegian broadcasting corporation NRK.

We are incredibly happy and relieved that they now seem to be salvaged from the vindindustrien. Not least on behalf of the locals, who have worked so long against these plans.

Lundberg emphasizes that the company has a licence that applies to the year, but do not believe the company can manage it.

the Developer not giving up

Developers in the Prime Capital is very disappointed in the day. But Stephan Klepsland in the company refuses to give up the project.

He is aware that they are now investigating what opportunities they have.

– License is not revoked, and we are now considering what we should do, expands on Klepsland the face of the NRK.

He describes the rejection as “very surprising” and says they are very disappointed in the ministry.

Especially since the municipality has been positive to the plans.

Windfarm on Andmyran begin in may 2020: – There is a huge glaring project

I have been given so many phones, and messages from the people on the island of Andøya, which is disappointed by the rejection.

– It’s called the that the municipalities will be heard in these cases. The Andøy municipality recommended that we get one year extra, and so they listen not to them, nevertheless, points out Klepsland.

the Desire of the municipality of

He emphasises that they do not want to let go of the project, which originally had the start of construction in september.

NRK earlier has told, the municipality has been positive to the vindkraftplanene.

According to the mayor the municipality is in a very difficult situation when it comes to negative population growth and a weak economy.

– All things that can help to create value creation and ripple effects when it comes to employment are the things that we need to be concerned about, ” said Knut Nordmo to NRK at the time.

Right here to the wind farm after the plan is set up. Now, the government turned thumbs down.

Photo: Sigurd Steinum / NRK