Rare are the authors who, like H. P. Lovecraft, have succeeded in forcing a universe, a style, a narrative and a mythology as strong around their writings. Even the name of the city of his birth, Providence, or his publishing company, Arkham House, in Rhode Island, distilling the poetry strange for who has approached the work of the american author. Everything that surrounds Lovecraft, his themes, macabre around the Cthulhu mythos, his inventions topographic (Miskatonic, Innsmouth, Dunwich…) or his Necronomicon irrigate the world of horror for nearly a century after his death.

so It is an ambitious exercise that lend themselves to editions Ki-oon with the release of Mountains of madness, an adaptation of the long new horror of Lovecraft. In a format, medium and covered with a faux leather soft brown, the book, which is moving away from the standards of the manga as much by its style as by his own narration, addresses a written iconic. This first volume is part of a series in two volumes, itself a part of a collection more extensive on the ” masterpieces of Lovecraft “.

the history of The scientific team that discovered traces of a lost civilization in the middle of the polar ice caps will be emulated, since The Thing until the Alien Vs Predator, passing by the many small occurrences of the fantastic cinema. Quite recently, this same story was the priority of the director Guillermo del Toro, before a sudden shutdown of its production.

Gou Tanabe is a well-known author in the world of seinen manga, with a palette varied enough. He has published as early as the mid-2000s, a few short rounds in which Kasane and Mr Nobody, which confirmed his reputation with a drawing quite european and very accurate. Because it takes a certain sense of detail to accurately capture The Mountains of madness, new a very descriptive and talkative. First-person testimony of William Dyer, surviving member of the polar expedition, which is at the center of the story, the dialogue is rarely used in the new. This is also a characteristic of the writing of Lovecraft. This difficulty stylistics is evacuated by Gou Tanabe, who has not hesitated to interpret the words of the narrator, explicitly, by making them speak, the incarnation of the welcome to the particular dynamic of the manga.

the Fruit of a complex era that sees simultaneously the devastating effect of the 1929 crisis and experiencing unprecedented advances in technology, the small novel of Lovecraft is a little anachronistic in a period which is also the first golden age of science fiction between 1930 and 1950. It is also published in the young magazine Astounding Stories in 1937 (the year of the death of Lovecraft), who will become Amazing the most popular magazines of science fiction to this day. It is probably this popularity editorial which explains this success is quite unexpected in an era in which the “hard-tech SF” is in full ascent. By many aspects, the work of Lovecraft is the last gasp of a genre “fantasy” dethroned by the SF, with a dimension of the naturalist and symbolist that renders very well the black and white drawing, so close to the burning, Gou Tanabe.

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The Mountains of madness, Gou Tanabe, volume I October 4, 2018, editions Ki-oon, 290 pages, 15 euros.