Its 245 anniversary season will open with performances in the ancient city of Chersonesos, founded by the Greeks in the Northern black sea coast on the Heraclea Peninsula in the V century BC and existed until the fourteenth century new. Because of the pandemic at the end of last season, the Bolshoi theatre, as you know, has canceled its tour in Novosibirsk, did not go to France and the United States, but the new season, however, begins with a tour.

How did you learn the “MK”, the traditional gathering of troupe for the same reason of a pandemic in a Big theatre this year there will be no… Without further ADO, and announcement of plans, many of which now, of course, need to be adjusted, the theater will immediately start working. Actors officially are back from vacation on July 27 and July 29 will perform at the international Opera and ballet festival “Chersonese”, which will be held in this ancient ancient town until August 2 at the state historical and archaeological Museum-reserve “Chersonese”.

And for the performances of classical ballet in an open area in the Chersonese will construct unprecedented in its size and technical equipment of the stage, the construction of which will be provided all measures for the preservation of ancient architectural monuments and the integrity of all the archaeological values of Tauric Chersonesos.

This is the fourth festival, held annually in the Crimea, and he occupies a special place among Russian festivals of classical art. Let’s start with the fact that the forum likes to arrive the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, and here have managed to light up the musicians and stars of ballet, Sergei Polunin or Cuban dancer, Asiel of Gunea, conductor Fabio Mastrangelo, dancer Lauretta Summerscale. On tour in the Chersonese has already visited Novosibirsk theatre of Opera and ballet, Moscow “New Opera”. And now there will be performances in the main theater of the country.

– the Artists really missed the interaction with the audience and look forward to these meetings in the Chersonese, – says the General Director of the Bolshoi Vladimir urin. – It appeared that the open area of the festival not only supports the global trends of the summer open air performances, but also allows the present situation to keep our performances. Still in the planning stage of the tour adopted the program, allowing widely to represent our company.

the Concert program is composed of two branches – the Opera and ballet. Opera part will introduce Crimean audience with well-known artists, many of whom in addition to a Great perform on the best stages of the world (Igor golovatenco, Dinara Alieva, Anna Aglatova, Oleg Dolgov, Anna Nechaeva) and aspiring Opera youth (Yulia Mazurova, Behzod Mr. Davronov, Svetlana Lachin, And��ina Certes, Konstantin Artemiev).

Along with arias, duets, ensembles from operas of Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Rachmaninoff, the audience will hear melodies of Offenbach, Verdi, Donizetti, Lehar and Cilea. Given the format of open air performances, as well as the Crimean warm summer weather, the concert will feature music recognizable, easy, joyful, sparkling. Also will feature vocal palette, Italian, French, German and Russian schools. For remote control of the orchestra of the Great Maestro Pavel Klinichev.

the Ballet troupe of our theatre, too, has long been “spoiling for a fight”. Despite the holiday, to begin immediately to restore the form, someone from the artists (for four people in the audience) started to let to do at the end of June (just as was done at the Mariinsky at the end of may). Then these informal classes by special permit of the Directorate has gradually developed in preparation for the festival in Chersonesos. So all CT participate in it, are now in great shape.

And show their first performances in the new season of the Bolshoi ballet and its Director Mahar Vaziev has someone. As in the case of Opera, the theatre plans to present “the city and the world” at these concerts, the ballet artists not only world-famous (e.g., his take and the étoile of La Scala theatre Svetlana Zakharova), or simply known (Ekaterina Krysanova, Anna Nikulina, Denis Rodkin, Igor Tsvirko), but very young. So in the third part paired with Anna Nikulina in Jose debuts Egor Gerashchenko, the dancer though young, but promising. Last season quite a good “input” for it was the party of the Prince in the ballet “the Nutcracker” and the legendary ballet of Yury Grigorovich’s “Spartacus” in the party of Crassus, he even blew the audience.

the First ballet theater decided to show to the public in the new season will be the famous “Carmen Suite” by Bizet-Shchedrin, staged by the Cuban choreographer Alberto Alonso especially for Maya Plisetskaya in 1967. Ballet classics of the twentieth century. Music Bizet arranged and orchestrated by the husband of the ballerina – Rodion Shchedrin, who invented a very interesting orchestration for strings and percussion. And the scenery and costumes for the performance were created by the cousin of Maya Plisetskaya, Boris Messerer, who wrote for “Carmen-the Suite” the perfect conditional scenography. The scene is an arena for bullfighting, enclosed wooden fence. Over her huge cloth with the image of a bull. For many years Maya Plisetskaya was the one performer of the Central party. When in the beginning of XXI century the play has returned to the repertoire of the Bolshoi for the anniversary Plisetskaya as a tribute to the great ballerina, Alberto Alonso arrived in Moscow and personally worked with Svetlana Zakharova. He changed to his original edition. It now stars�� The Bolshoi theatre and the show at the festival in Chersonesos.