The Henley & Partners International Agency has published an updated index of the most convenient passports for travel (a rating of countries whose citizens can visit other countries without a visa). This is reported by CNN.

The passports of Japan and Singapore are recognized as the “strongest” – their holders can make visa-free entry to 192 countries. This is 166 more countries than the citizens of Afghanistan, who have access to only 26 countries of the world without a visa.

The second place is shared by Germany and South Korea (citizens of these countries can enter 190 countries). The third line of the list is occupied by Finland, Italy, Luxembourg and Spain (189). Austria and Denmark are in fourth place (188). France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Portugal and Sweden complete the TOP 5 most profitable passports for travel (187).

Russia ranks 52nd in the list — Russians can make visa-free entry to 118 countries.

It is also noted that residents of some countries can enter less than 40 countries without a visa. In addition, the coronavirus pandemic and the borders closed for the last 18 months have caused record inequality in travel opportunities in the 16-year history of the rating.

In July 2020, the most convenient citizenship for traveling during the coronavirus pandemic was named Japanese.