The most popular independent website about the coronavirus

a Social news platform Reddit has become the largest independent source for users seeking relevant and reliable information about pandemic coronavirus COVID-19. Branch /r/coronavirus, which on 23 January had about thousands of readers interested in the infection of the Chinese Wuhan, over the past two weeks attracted more than 1.2 million people.

For a popular forum now keeps track of a team of more than 60 moderators, including researchers in infectious diseases, virologists, scientists from computer science, the doctors and nurses. As told to NBC News one of the volunteers, a virologist at the University of Pittsburgh Emerson Boggs, he and his team daily tracking of over 50 thousand comments, blocking posts with misinformation, incitement of ethnic hatred, as well as discussions on political topics.

the Result of the examination the moderators and their unpaid work was the emergence of the largest and most reputable online community discussing the situation with coronavirus. According to Boggs, the moderators carefully monitor the contents of the branch. Posts, which are based on unconfirmed data, or misinterpreted the facts are removed, and publications that reference research articles that are not reviewed are marked with the appropriate warning.

Another volunteer, Rick Barber said that the growth of the community it was extremely difficult to curb the proliferation of fake news and panic around the pandemic. Output was the complete ban of discussion on the topic of politics. To cope with the stream of negativity, the moderators have also implemented a computerized system that informs them of racist and xenophobic statements, particularly against China. Such comments are deleted very quickly.

According Redditlist, now /r/coronavirus takes place the third activity of subreddit and the fastest growing in the entire history of the site.

Text: News.Hi-tech