Most of the leading players in the world have resumed regular training after a break connected with coronavirus pandemic. The owner of the license to host the tournament WTA International Baltic Open in Riga, the founder of the tennis Academies in Moscow and Tula, founder of sports marketing Agency SGM ONE Alexander Ostrovsky in interview to the correspondent of “Kommersant” Eugene Fedyakov estimated the chances of an early resumption of the tennis calendar, told about carrying out in the near future a new contest with the participation of leading Russian tennis players and explained the particularities of the players obligations under the sponsor contracts in the current environment.— You regularly participate in meetings of Directors of the WTA tournaments, which are held in remote mode. What is the latest information about the resumption of the season, officially suspended until the end of July?— The part of the organizers of the August American series want to have their competition even without an audience. Now, however, most borders closed, in some countries, the situation of coronavirus is better, in others worse, and to ensure equal conditions for all athletes in terms of their movement around the globe. As long as everything goes to the fact that the international tennis tournaments will start later than almost all sporting events. From my point of view, this year the most optimistic scenario — the holding of the Grand slam tournament Roland Garros for example, the beginning of which was postponed to the second half of September. This may require in advance to gather all players in Paris, they passed a two-week quarantine, while maintaining shape. At the same time, many officials and top athletes are inclined to believe that this year’s tennis calendar to renew it did not succeed.— To what extent is the issue of holding tournaments complicates a new medical Protocol which is designed by the WTA and Association of tennis professionals?— At a recent meeting with the Executive Director of the WTA Steve Simon, we presented the main points of the document. There are prescribed requirements that apply to the organization of tournaments, starting with basic at present the rules of social distancing and ending with strict rules of stay of athletes in the hotel and at the stadium, the restrictions on communication with the fans, the press. In this regard, there is a large number of questions. For example, the Protocol says that each athlete in the tournament may be accompanied by only one coach, although it is well known that the top players, and not only travel and work with teams consisting of three to six people, not to mention the relatives. There are lots of other parts, causing clonos��I. I have spoken with many owners of the license for holding tournaments, and the vast majority of them considers that the requirements contained in this Protocol, to practice very hard. Therefore, the desire to hold tournaments in this medical report from them yet.— What would you do if a tournament in Jurmala at the moment is still not canceled?— I would have thought very seriously. Our tournament is relatively small, we are positioning it as a tennis festival, and the conduct of such a serious event without the audience by and large does not make sense.— Your tournament moved to Latvia last season, after the summer of 2018 will be held in Moscow called the Moscow River Cup. Is it possible to return?— In Jurmala we had a real tennis feast, but from the point of view of working with sponsors, the situation was about the same difficult as in Russia. Latvia is not very rich country, and marketing budgets of potential sponsors sports it is small. So in 2021, any possible scenarios, including the return of the tournament to Russia. In any case, the license for the tournament we were buying in order to spend it in our country. But everything will depend on many factors, including economic. And yet — presumably in the second half of June — on the basis of our Academy in Khimki we are planning to hold an exhibition tournament for the leading Russian players who train in the Moscow region, but at the moment deprived of game practice. The audience, of course, will not. But the planned broadcast on one of the Federal TV channels, and also via the Internet in Europe and North America.— You have already obtained the agreement of specific athletes?— Previously their approval for participation was given Karen Khachanov, Evgeny Donskoy and Andrey Rublev. We with pleasure would take, and Daniel Medvedev, but he has no plans to leave Monaco. In the women’s half of the tournament hope to see Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, Svetlana Kuznetsova, Anastas Potapov, Vitaly Dyachenko, Veronica Kudermetova, the first racket of Russia Ekaterina Alexandrova, if she will be able to come from the Czech Republic, where trains now. They all embraced the idea with enthusiasm. We and the name of the tournament has already been invented — Moscow Calling Tennis Premier League.— The prize pool will be?— Yes, but very small — $15 thousand for men and women. It is clear that the level of tennis player Karen Hechanova in this case will play not for money, but for the sake of match practice, which is now needed by all. The regulations of both men and women will be the same. We will break up eight athletes into two groups, where two best players will compete in the second stage. Then again a round-Robin tournament with the participation of four people. According to the results determined by a pair of semi-finalists. To��gdy match will consist of two sets and, if necessary, a super tie-break. However, the rules can be adjusted on the rules taking into account the recommendations of the channel, which expressed interest in hosting the tournament. Moreover, as I have already noted, is close to completing negotiations to sell the rights to his show in Europe and North America. Tennis has missed you all over the world, and now almost nothing.— You hope to glean from the tournament some profit?— Yes. Already have a few potential sponsors. And if the first experience of holding our tournament is successful, it is not impossible that we will be able to repeat it. After all, before the restart of the competition ATP and WTA, apparently, is still far away.— The overall financial situation in tennis in the pandemic worsens?— Proceeds from the competition will decrease for sure. In my opinion, in the medium term, the prize funds will be reduced by 20-30 percent. This issue is still under discussion, but by and large this is already accepted as leaders of the tours and players.— Lately a lot of talk about imbalance between the incomes of the tennis elite and the vast majority of the other players. Discussing the question of the redistribution of the prize Fund in favor of the players departing in the early stages?— Yes, but at Board level players. And if this decision is made, it will be for tennis a big plus. Let me emphasize that while we are talking only about prize money. As far as I know, the question of the redistribution of points is not considered.— Is it possible to expect a decrease in the level of so-called guarantee payments, which the top players receive from the organizers a relatively small tournaments for your arrival? After the pandemic, at least for some period of time, it may be a situation in which the tournaments will need more players than tournament players.— Interesting question. Perhaps you are right in part, but in each case must be considered. If the individual tournament sponsors and the successful sale of the rights to broadcast be beneficial to pay the same to Djokovic for coming, then no the warranty will not do.— What do you think about a hypothetical unification of the ATP and WTA? It may be beneficial to the men’s tour, which in financial terms compared to the female is considered more successful?— The idea of combining the tours, a lot of lobbyists both in WTA and ATP. The idea is that by creating a single organization tennis can be more effectively managed, and sold, it will be better. But it is in theory. The success of the implementation of this project depends on a detailed study, based on the financial performance of the business both tours. I do not have such information, although it is no secret that in economic terms the men’s tour look stronger.— You’re known as the founder of his own tennis Academy. It is profitable?— I love tennis and get pleasure from the organization of the training process of the players. But the profit in our project we have laid. Opened in 2011, our Academy was operating out plus about in the fourth year of its existence. Probably, such projects can be managed more efficiently. But then you have to strictly save money without investing in support for children who you do and don’t focus on high performance sport. Opening the Academy, we expect to recoup investment costs within 12-15 years. However, while not considered disasters, such as this one. At the moment the Academy is closed. While we have retained a financial safety cushion that allows you to assist our coaches and administrators. But the overall situation is challenging, our opportunities are limited, and I very much hope that in June we will be able to resume their activities.— Whether you are waiting for the decline of interest in tennis from parents in connection with the difficult economic situation?— Of course, because tennis is an expensive sport. The recession, which will increase in the economy will surely affect the income of the population, and someone will have to abandon the idea to give tennis your child. However, five years ago, we’ve already been through one crisis in our country, which influenced the activities of the Academy, and still found opportunities for development.— In protracted break in our tournament players almost lost the opportunity to fulfill its obligations to sponsors. As is the case in this respect, Anastasia Potapova, client your marketing Agency SGM ONE?— Anastasia currently two global sponsor — manufacturers of equipment and racquets. In the public space, it is now almost does not appear, but in the contracts there are clauses that say that the publication of posts in social networks. We fulfill our commitments as much as possible in the current environment, and our sponsors understand that, although the situation can certainly change. By the way, although at the moment Anastasia is, in fact, earns nothing, she found an opportunity to save part of the salary coach Englishman Ian Hughes, who is still at home.— What, in your opinion, prospects of the market of sports marketing in Russia? It is surely difficult times are ahead.— The situation is always looked difficult, but now will be doubly difficult. Every step you have to seriously weigh. At the moment, except Potapova our Agency of the tennis players working with the Russians Evgeny Donskoy and Vitalia diatchenko, a Croat Yano�� Fett and a few promising young players, including foreign. In addition, we are looking for new options for their activities, and recently drew attention to the training of our customers-juniors for admission to American universities. Tennis players that play at a quite good level, but do not associate their future with a professional sports career, have the opportunity to receive the right for free education in the United States, speaking for the University tennis team. Several years ago we decided within his team’s system to deliver this work. In particular, as a result, one of the girls from our Academy and a client of the Agency Ksenia Aleshina, which engaged us in Khimki in 2015, was recently accepted into Appalachian State University and from next season will play for the team of my University.