The most effective player

Player Jan Ereshchenko has extended his contract with VK “Yenisei”. The athlete joined the team last year, going from the Ufa “Ural mountains”. In the club he is the most productive player. In 19 matches of the season he managed to score 312 points, which is sixth among all players in the super League.

Ian Ereschenko plays the position of outside hitter and is a versatile player who participates in the admission, in attack and defence. Ereschenko is a pet Krasnoyarsk fans and is the unofficial leader of Krasnoyarsk team.

In the course of a career, Ian played for Kharkiv “locomotive” (2007-2015), “Gazprom-Ugra” from Surgut (2015-16), Belogorye (2016-2018), “Ural” and a Turkish command, “Arhavi”.