The holiday season is in front of the door. Get in the Bathing suits and off to the beach, to the lake or in the river. But what you pack in the summer, actually, to be on the beach, to the fashionable eye-catcher?

we Start from the beginning: of Course, the Bikini or the swimsuit may not be missing. For the beach, restaurant, High-Waist skirt or high-cut shorts can result in a great Look. If that is too tight or too hot: summer dress, Jumpsuit or Kimono are airy Alternatives.

The Outfit is also representative of course – you want to burn, finally, not the soles of your Feet in the Sand. Are fashionable Slippers, in in a matter of seconds and can get off. The value pack in a cool basket, bag – and off you go to the Bistro.

The jewellery makes it

Without jewelry in 2019 goes nothing. On the beach you can put up with small pieces, great accents, I think it’s otherwise not a lot of substance. A simple anklet and narrow neck as well as bracelets are real eye-catcher. But be careful: remove the jewelry when sunbathing again, in order to avoid unwanted fingerprints.

In the case of earrings, one should be careful, as these must not be too large – otherwise it gets in the waves is impractical. Smaller shell earrings are the absolute Eye-Catcher. Not to forget the sunglasses. The may big this season particularly, and thick or small and oval fail.

Fashionable head protection

Instead of the usual Baseball Caps, it may be this summer time a cloth. Try one of the many cloth techniques and tie, for example, a hair band or a Turban.

as before, the large straw hats are all the rage. Who wants to put the dot on the i, can get a hat with print and accents.

In terms of Styling are you ready Yes well, but they also have the matching Bikini? With these swimwear Trends, you are in 2019 is correct.