the glacier tour on the Great Aletsch glacier

23 kilometers long, the great Aletsch glacier. Thus, it is the largest of its kind in the entire Alpine area. Those who are physically fit and have the right Equipment, it can come close to the icy giants on a guided Tour. A tour on the glacier with a qualified mountain guide, is an unforgettable experience. From half-day hikes to multi-day glacier expeditions, anything is possible. More information: Aletsch

trift glacier About the most spectacular pedestrian rope bridge of the Alps

Once the miners went with the Gondeli the trift Bahn in the remote Grimsel heights. Today, tourists, the venerable train to the trift glacier high drive currents. Above the trift bridge waiting for arrived after a walk on the glacier fans: With 100 meters length and a height of almost 170 meters above the ground it is one of the most spectacular pedestrian bridges in the Alps. The prospect of which, unfortunately, quickly melting on the tongue of the trift glacier is stunning. More information: Grimsel

Pfaffnau: Great glacier-Helirundflug

The glaciers are suffering from the climate change and melt away. Helicopter flights to the pure pleasure of it would not be appropriate from this perspective. However, the Colibri EC 120B, with the Team of offers its glacier sightseeing flights over the Aletsch glacier, is a comparatively environmentally friendly “bird.” So: Boarding and the flight from Pfaffnau about the Entlebuch, past the Brienz-Rothorn, the North wall of the Eiger and the Jungfraujoch on the Aletsch glacier enjoy. After a stop on the petersgrat glacier we return back to the starting point. More info:

Virgo: Good food with even better views

glacier sounds dangerous columns, to the icy winds, to strenuous climbs. But also to those who take it rather cozy, we thought. For leisurely glacier connoisseurs, a trip to the Restaurant Eigergletscher is recommended, for example. The mountain restaurant with a beautiful panoramic terrace is located below the Eiger glacier at the foot of the Mönch and the Jungfrau. In addition to the in-house Rahmschnitten and sweet Eiger spitzli, there is also a great 4-course menu and Glacier views so far as the eye can see. More information: glacier

Titlis: Blue wonder in the glacier grotto

In the glacier grotto in the Titlis everyone experiences the shock of a lifetime – quite literally. The eternal ice cave is bathed in turquoise light. The air is so cold that every breath of shock leaves behind white clouds. Exciting: The icy walls are, in part, to the 5000 years old. In the past five millennia, you are never thawed. Who visited the 150-Meter-long cave, you can look forward to an icy trip back in time. More information:

Aletsch area: felt In the ice caves in the glacier’s breath

you have seven hours time and want to disappear into a completely different, deep blue, beautiful gleaming world? Then log in to the ice cave experts Edelbert Kummer and arrange a Tour in the Aletsch glacier hollow (June to October). The caves on the edge of the huge glacier are fascinating. And whoever enters it only once, the can feel the cool breath of the “eternal ice” on the own skin. Contact and more information: wall

Lucerne: glacier garden, the force of the ice experience

Long ago, but also the area around Lucerne was once covered by a thick layer of ice. What is now left are the tracks that have eaten the former Central Swiss glaciers into the Rock and dug. The so-called Glacial potholes seem like oversized ear courses, how bizarre hollowed-out works of art. In addition to the exciting holes in the glacier garden offers all sorts of exciting insights into the world of glaciers – especially for a younger audience. More information: glacier