1. On the way of St. James

The trail to castle the BE starts in the charming black and runs through the popular conservation area of the sense trench. When one has crossed, the Sense, the river on the border of the Canton of Bern and Freiburg, will pass it on to Holy sites, such as at the Barbican chapel, or the Church of St. Antoni. A visit to the Sensler Museum is also worth. The medieval city of Freiburg makes the Grand finale.

2. The source of the Rhine

to start The hike, and ends on the oberalp pass GR, on the border between the cantons of Graubünden and Uri. The Rhine, which flows into the North sea, is one of the most important waters in Europe – its source on the oberalp pass. Surrounded by peaks, rocky cliffs and meadows with colorful mountain flowers, lights, lake Toma, the source of the Rhine, with its deep blue water set like a jewel in the rough mountain world.

3. Through the vineyards to Lausanne

With breathtaking views of lake Geneva through the vineyards Hiking? This is much nicer than it sounds, when autumn colors the hillsides golden. From Vevey VD, the path leads through the vineyards up to Lausanne. Lovely villages such as Epesses VD or Saint-Saphorin VD offer the possibility to cater for themselves and to learn something about the local wine production.

4. Through the Viamala gorge

The trail leads through the impressive Viamala gorge, past the tracks of history. It continues through the Shams, where many cultural monuments are. After the descent there are in Andeer GR the opportunity to visit the Spa and relax your tired limbs.

5. Five-trail in Zermatt

Even if – or precisely because-Zermatt, VS is a magnet for tourists, are the walks a visit is definitely worth it. The Five-trail is not very challenging and passes the Stellisee, Grindjisee, Grünsee, Moosjisee and Leisee. Especially nice: In two of the lakes, the Matterhorn is reflected at all. This makes the tour not only attractive for hikers, but also for those looking for a unique photo spot.

6. Loop through Avegno and Ponte Brolla

The maggia valley TI offers the perfect conditions for a pleasant day of Hiking: The narrow valley winding far in the Ticino mountain landscape. The route leads above Avegno TI cool to the chestnut forest. Then the descent begins, and it goes through gorges to Ponte Brolla TI to the Grotti over and back into the forest in the direction of Avegno.

7. Circular walk at the ETANG de la Gruère

The largest lake of Switzerland is situated in a dreamy environment. The path leads around the Étang de la Gruère on the soft forest floor and past wild blueberry bushes. In the autumn, a slight fog over the Moor is usually, and allows it to mystically appear.

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