The most annoying YouTube bloggers

Reddit Users have identified the most annoying YouTube bloggers. Your options are shared under the post of the author with the nickname weasle_boat. Its publication gained about 40 thousand approving assessments and more than 22 thousand comments.

So, TheLittleMermaid – wrote that her most annoying TV family flagami and cited the example of ACE family and LaBrants. “Because if you look at it from the side, they just use their own children for money and fame,” explained the girl. Agreed with her tens of thousands of people.

A noted American blogger James Jackson, better known as Onision. It is popular in the network due to their humorous clips and sketches. Users remembered that a man was accused of pedophilia, a commentator with the nickname hai_ter said he believes Jackson “arrogant and ignorant jerk.”

the User BlueSparkle2810 mentioned blogger Nicholas Perry, known on YouTube as Nikocado Avocado. Initially, he did a video about veganism, and then started to record videos in which he eats large amounts of food on camera. BlueSparkle2810 said he believes the blogger is absolutely disgusting in every sense.

the Commentator unnaturalorder told about it by perturbing the canadian blogger Jason Ethier, who led the channel ImJayStation. For the sake of popularity Ethier faked the death of his girlfriend Alexia Marano and took this video. A Reddit user noted that the blogger stopped publishing videos since his channel was disabled from monetization, but the content itself was not deleted.

among the most annoying channels were also created specifically for children blogs. “My younger brother now repeats them all the time, it looks disgusting on the screen, not to mention real life,” protested takeuryeetys. He explained that, in his opinion, is positioned to benefit children’s content in fact it is not.