Within two days almost 200 people were fined in the Moscow metro for the lack of masks and gloves. About it the acting head of the state institution (gku) “transport Organizer” Vladislav Sultanov told RIA Novosti.

May 12, as reported by “Rambler” in Moscow came into force a ban on the use of public transport and appearing in public without protective masks and gloves. Earlier Sultanov reported that the first day of public transport passengers without masks and gloves will only get a warning and after that will take more stringent measures.


Today he said that before the introduction of the ban on the use of public transport without masks and gloves 58% of passengers of the Moscow metro wearing masks after more than 98%. According to the head of “transport Organizer”, may 13-14, for the lack of masks and gloves in the subway and was fined by 198 people.

“once again we remind you that the appearance in a public transport without PPE will be considered a violation,” he added, stressing that the aim of the inspections are not penalties, and improving safety during a pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19.