The Moscow art theatre. Gorky launched TV channel

Every day online here promise to talk about the theatre and upcoming premieres of the show are rehearsed and uncover professional secrets of the performance.

In real time it will be possible to communicate directly with actors, Directors, playwrights, artists, musicians, workers of art-production team, producers and Directors of the theatre. To learn from them about future plans, daily life and secret dreams.

our next goal is To display online versions of the best poetry performances from the series “a Season of poems” and a meeting with the great poet and playwright – Yuri Kublanovsky, Elena Isaeva, Vladimir Vodennikov.

Also sophisticated audience will appreciate the selected readings “Workshops of playwrights” and the most outstanding performances of young Directors, show the Festival of the future of the theatre the plays of Natalia mashinoi, Elena graminei, Alexander Zheleztsov, Julia Tupikina, Andrey Vishnevsky.

Photo: Natalie Korenovsky Theatre “the Baltic house” has presented the online premiere of “I sit on the beach”

“Mat says.” show nights “Soviet songs Atlantis”, dedicated to the work of Boris Mokrousov and Eduard Kolmanovsky and concerts of ethno-electronic group Volga and Taisii Krasnopevtseva.

a Virtual tour of the building of Moscow art theatre. M. Gorky the author’s comments of the building – architect Vladimir Kubasov and artists Alexey Gintovt and Anna koleichuk will be a boon not only for theatergoers but for all who are interested in culture and architecture.

a Separate section will be devoted to mhatovtsam – heroes of the great Patriotic war. It’ll be conducted by people’s artist of Russia Valentin Clemantiav.

For the younger generation and students channel has prepared the section “the Artistic Director on-line” virtual master-classes and training video.

And don’t forget to visit the TV channel “Mat says.” in theatre Day, March 27. On this day the artists and the staff of the Moscow art theatre together with guest stars in non-stop mode will read “Theatrical novel” by Mikhail Bulgakov.