Football, According to the renowned U.s. business magazine Forbes , it is Real Madrid, (35) and this year for the first voetbalmiljardair ever. His huge zakenimperium and sponsorship deals outside of football that he has been salarisinlevering of four million, barely can feel it. As an active athlete, a ‘CR7′, Tiger Woods, and Floyd Mayweather’s footsteps. Your cookie settings to make sure that the content is not displayed.

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Even with the feline corona virus that massive milestone, not impossible. The expenses of The competition in these times of uncertainty is to reduce the supply of players from The serie a champions in the four-monthly rates.Also, the Right, therefore, that as many as four million will see afgepitst of the net salary of eur 31 million. Makes a huge difference to Juve – that’s a total of 90 million euros, is hoping to save money. The Portuguese star, on the other hand, it will not be immediately felt and there is even a sign of an output of up to 1 billion us dollars.

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It is a specialized magazine Forbes to put all the pieces of the puzzle together, and you know that ‘CR7′ is the first voetbalmiljardair ever. First of all, thanks to the massive salaries and perks, where He has worked for almost two decades, first at Manchester United, then at Real Madrid, and is now at the Top of you. His contract with the Old Lady, in a normal season, and it includes all the bonuses and iscirca the 58-million-euro gross per year-worth – of over 31 million after tax per year. In the last two years, as Real Madrid earned Close to a gross of about 60 million, all premiums are included in the price. Sure, his base salary, without bonuses, about 33 million gross per year. Thus, the region Close to the salary in a career of more than half a billion dollars on it.