an Unusual and yet a touching message posted on the official website EMERCOM of Russia press service informs.

on 8 August, the international day of cats, living in Novosibirsk firehouse No. 111 cat named Hydrant got greetings and different treats from their owners. Congratulations of course, he hardly understood, but the Goodies are appreciated.

October 1, 2018 was saved by the heavy fire of warehouse space at the plant for the production of plastic pipes in the village Mochishche in Novosibirsk region. Two years ago, the Hydrant, at that time quite still a tiny kitten, smoke inhalation and could have died.

– Thanks to prompt actions of fire-rescue units, and also not indifferent relation to animals – the cat was miraculously saved. He was otpori water and left to live in a part, – have informed in a press-service of EMERCOM of Russia. Now a rescued pet on a daily basis meets and accompanies the fire brigades, guards the immediate area of fire post from mice and also helps in period of hard service to remove the stress for a psychological discharge, creates comfort.