Provides a recognition become invalid for documents which contain outdated or duplicate mandatory requirements is either transferred to the Federal laws stated in the explanatory Memorandum of the Ministry. Among cancel a number of provisions concerning energy efficiency, in particular, the rules establishing requirements energy performance of buildings.

the Regulatory guillotine, killing the demand for energy efficiency, it seems a questionable decision, the Executive Director of NP “ZHKH Control” Svetlana Razvorotneva: “Today housing is characterized by an extremely high energy consumption, resulting in inflated payments. Activities and requirements prescribed in the law on energy saving and energy efficiency have not yielded the expected results. The abolition of the decree of the RF government on approval of rules establishing energy efficiency requirements would be another step backwards – from saving resources”. In her opinion, the rules may need to be improved, but cancel the document makes sense only when the proposed additional mechanisms to ensure the energy efficiency of buildings and structures. However, as noted in “housing Control”, the rules cancel regulations of the government are specified in the order of the Ministry of construction on approval of the energy efficiency requirements of buildings, structures, structures, which is not proposed for repeal and will continue to act upon the cancellation of the order.

Requirements for energy efficiency of apartment buildings is definitely needed, especially for new homes that must be built as energy efficient, says Director of the “Urban agriculture” Fund “Institute for urban Economics” Irina Gentsler: “energy-efficiency Requirements for homes are not cancelled. And no one is going to do it. Is “revision” of normative legal documents, which identifies obsolete documents, duplication, etc., In respect of energy efficiency requirements for apartment buildings proposed to cancel the normative acts, the contents of which are entered in Requirements of energy efficiency of buildings, structures, approved by order of the Ministry of construction”.

In fact, mandatory requirements for energy efficiency that should be considered by the developer during design and construction, it is possible to cancel, the head of the Russian center of national construction policy Alexander Moore. “Energy efficiency is first and foremost a technology, allowing people to save in the operation of heat, electricity and together the family budget. Now developers in the design and construction of the objects themselves lay the level and class of ener��of effektivnosti. They understand that future operating conditions can be for them winning the competition. Any mandatory conditions in the design and construction of housing, does not affect the safety and design of the building, will inevitably lead to greater corruption risks and bureaucracy”.