Minitrans of the Russian Federation published new rules for the organization of passenger flights in Russia, developed for the prevention of infection with coronavirus passengers and airline employees. Relevant document published on the Agency’s website.

So, under the new rules, all airports in the country will be divided into two categories: high risk of infection and without it. The first will only accept passengers from countries where the number of cases COVID-19 more than 50 thousand people.

All passengers will be required to wear masks and to remove the top clothing shelves for hand Luggage during flights. Food attendants will be required to warm up only on Board and post it in airtight containers.

In the first phase of the lifting of restrictions on travelling will be required to sit strapped in a chair for the entire flight with the exception of the toilet.

The Agency also has published new rules for other types of passenger transport.

In particular, metro passengers will be obliged to comply with social distance, including the seats. Temperature travelers will measure entering or exiting railway stations and long-distance trains.

The sale of tickets, including in the cabin of the vehicle will be possible only for cashless payments.

December 31, 2019, the Chinese government announced the outbreak of pneumonia in Wuhan. The causative agent is a new type of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which causes the disease COVID-19. March 11, the world health organization (who) declared the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic.