The Ministry of transport: affected by floods bridges in the Elbrus region will be restored

Affected by floods bridges in the Elbrus region will be restored. We are talking about bridges leading to the villages of Tegenekli, and Upper Baksan Valley Narzanov Kabardino-Balkar Republic. This is with reference to the Ministry of transport of the Republic reports GTRK “Stavropol”.

As you know, due to severe rains in August-September 2018 in the Elbrus district of the Republic was declared an emergency. Structure, and approaches of the bridges were destroyed by floods and groundwater.

the Repair work will begin this year. It is planned to complete them by the end of 2020, according to the Agency. Two of the destroyed bridges over the river Baksan has been reconstructed. Now undergoing the procedure of concluding of the state contract on carrying out of all complex of works. We are talking about installing safety barriers, road signs in the study area, applying the special markup.

Text: STRC “Stavropol”